May 26, 2013 NAPOLCOM / PNP Promotional Examination Announcement

Authorities announced that the PNP Promotional Examination is on May 26, 2013, the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM), pursuant to its constitutional mandate to administer and control the Philippine Nationa Police (PNP) to conduct nationwide the PNP Entrance Examination.

The said promotional examination (for the following categories: Police Officer, Senior Police Officer, Police Inspector and Police Superintendent) are open exclusively to all qualified uniformed members of the PNP who meet the minimum qualification standards for examination in terms of rank and eligibility as provided herein. Thoses who pass the promotional examinations shall be conferred eligibilities appropriate for promotion to the ranks corresponding to the examination's Eligibility Rank Coverage (ERC).

The eligibilities acquired through the Promotional Examinations are those required for promotion of PNP uniformed personnel, as prescribed under Sec. 30 of Republic Act No. 6975, as amended by the Republic act No. 8551.

Online application scheduling of entrance exam is on March 16-25,2013 and Period of filing is on April 1-30, 2013.

Details for PNP Promotional Examinations:

Coverage for PNP Promotional Examinations:
  1. General Information
    • Current Events (National & International Events & Developments)
    • Philippine Constitution (Art. II-VII, XI,XVI) Human Rights
    • Philippine History (Significant Events, People & Places) & PC/INP &PNP History
    • Systematic analysis and application of the Criminal Justice System
    • Laws and Jurisprudence (Basic Provisions of RA 6975, 8551, 9208, RA 9262, RA 9165, 7877, 7438, RA 9344, 9372, EO 209, 227, ect, and Rules of Court)
    • Social Awareness (Environmental and Ecological Laws)
    • Grammar Analysis
  2. Police Administration
    • Organizational Structure (Line of Authority)
    • Personnel Policies and Procedures
    • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (Basic knowledge)
    • Morale and Welfare
    • NAPOLCOM vis-a-vis Police
    • Civil Service Rules and Regulations
    • Local Chief Executives - Powers (vis-a-vis Police)
    • Data Analysis
  3. Police Operations
    • Line Functions (Traffic, Patrol, Investigation, Special Operational Procedures: Rule 1-10 (Gen. Proc.), Rule 11-16 (Arrest-Inquest). Rule 17-21 Rallies, Strikes), Rule 22,23,25,26 (Hostage Situation-Comp. Crime), SOCO, CDM & Computer Crimes
    • PNP Mater Plans (Sandigan, Sandugo (Oplan Maagap), Sangbanat, Sang-Ingat, Saklolo, Sangyaman, Santinig, Sambayan)
    • PNP ITP-PGS (PATROL Plan 2030)
  4. Values and Ethical Standards
    • PNP Custom and Traditions
    • PNP Code of Ethical Standards/ Protocols
    • RA 6713, RA 3019
    • Community Relations/ Conflict Resolutions
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